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Clever Coffee Dripper Review: Do You Really Need it?

Don’t you have any coffee makers in your home? Don’t worry, a clever coffee dripper will do.

But if you do have a coffee making machine in your kitchen but you want to try other methods in brewing your favorite ground coffee, this clever coffee dripper review will show you how.

Coffee connoisseurs firmly believed that any method in brewing coffee brings distinct and unique flavors different from each other. And Clever brewing is one of those methods that is becoming more and more popular to coffee lovers.

We are just getting excited in knowing more about this Clever coffee machine.

What is a Clever Coffee Dripper?

A clever coffee dripper is a simple device and one of the easiest methods in brewing coffee. The Clever Dripper is an immersion brewer which also works as a manual drip brewer.

The Clever is shaped like a pour-over brewer. However, the Clever coffee dripper has a valve at the bottom allowing you to trap the hot water in the brew cone.

Moreover, you got to use a food-grade paper filter to strain the coffee and water. The most common filter mesh size used in Clever coffee is #4 and #6 paper filters.

How do you use a Clever Coffee Dripper?

Clever brewing is a lot easier than any other coffee brewing methods available today. Interestingly, the Clever Dripper features the best in a French press and filter drip brewing but without the downsides of the two.

Here are the 5 basic steps in using a Clever Coffee Dripper:

Step 1: Place a pre-moistened (with very hot water from a kettle) paper filter into the Clever. Then, drain the accumulated water into a cup or a pitcher.

Step 2: Boil water while you grind your coffee beans. A coarser grind is recommended.

Step 3: After the water boiled, let it stand for about 40 seconds. Then, place the ground coffee in the filter paper. The usual dose is 22 grams of ground coffee per 360 ml. of water.

Put the filter paper, with the coffee grounds on it, into the Clever.

Then, pour the boiled water into the grounds. Stir for a while then cover.

Step 4: Continue pouring hot water over the ground coffee until it reaches the ridge of the Clever. Stir slowly once or twice and then cover for about 3 minutes.

Step 5: Put the Clever Dripper into the top of a cup or pitcher to dispense the coffee. What comes out is a brewed coffee ready to be sipped.

Benefits of using a Clever Coffee Dripper 

Clever pour-over produces less oil on your coffee while using a disposable paper filter; you can dispose of the used paper and the used ground coffee altogether.

Moreover, over-extraction of coffee grounds is avoided when using the Clever Coffee Dripper, thus, preventing a bitter taste in the brew. Additionally, even amateur brewers will find this device too easy to use.

5 Best Clever Coffee Drippers Reviews 2019

1. Abid Clever Coffee Maker with Bonus Filters 

The Abid Clever Coffee Maker is made from BPA-free plastic so you are completely safe (health-wise) using it.

Abid Clever Coffee Maker with Bonus Filters

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This Clever measures 6 inches wide; with a top diameter of 5 inches and 5 inches tall.

This Clever coffee dripper is so light, only 1.54 pounds, that’s why it is very safe to lift the container even if it has hot water. But you are advised to take precautions when handling the Clever.


  • Comes with free filters (100 pieces).
  • Package includes exclusive coaster and lid.
  • Very easy to use and clean.
  • The valve actuates once the Clever is put on cup or pitcher.


  • Too hot water may alter the taste of the coffee.

2. Kalita Wave 185 Clever Coffee Dripper

The Kalita Wave 185 is a uniquely designed coffee dripper that comes smaller than regular size Clever. However, don’t be intimated by its sheer size.

Kalita Wave 185 Clever Coffee Dripper

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The Kalita Wave Dripper is made from stainless steel (other materials available are ceramic and glass) and comes with an insulated handle so you are safe handling hot water.

The patented ‘Wave” bottom is unique in the industry while its 3-hole design makes extraction evenly distributed resulting from more flavorful coffee.


  • 3 styles are available: stainless steel, glass, and ceramic.
  • With a flat-bottom coffee bed.
  • Easy to dispose of used coffee grounds and filter.


  • No included filter.
  • No supplied cover or lid.
  • With hefty price considering its size.

3. Hario V60 Ceramic Clever Coffee Dripper

The Hario V60 is one of the most recognizable Clever Coffee Dripper brands worldwide.

Hario V60 Ceramic Clever Coffee Dripper

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This dripper is made from ceramic which, like a cup made of ceramic, seals the aroma of the coffee.

Interestingly, ceramics retain the heat longer than any other materials ensuring constant temperature during brewing.  By this, you can savor the great taste of your coffee brew.

Furthermore, this Japanese-made dripper has spiral ribs that allow coffee to expand when heated.  This Clever Dripper has only one large hole at the bottom which controls the speed of the flow of water.


  • Most iconic pour-over coffee dripper.
  • Made from the finest quality ceramic.
  • With flawless design.
  • Designed and made in Japan.


  • High-end compared to other regular Clevers.

4. Chemex Classic Coffee Dripper Pour-Over Glass

If you like a coffee dripper that is so beautiful to handle, try to own the Chemex Classic Clever Coffee Dripper.

Chemex Classic Coffee Dripper Pour-Over Glass

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This glass coffee dripper is like a glass sculptor than can be a great décor in your kitchen countertop.

The Chemex Classic has a brilliant design which can be more attractive when entertaining guests in your home. This coffee dripper requires the exclusive use of Chemex FP-2 filters which is a thick strainer that blocks off the bitter oil in coffee.


  • Comes in exclusive packaging.
  • Beautifully crafted.
  • Made from transparent glass.
  • The thick filter slows down extraction to give more taste.


  • Heftier than most small coffee drippers.
  • Designed for use with Chemex FP-2 filters.

5. Clever Dripper Coffee Maker, Large, 18 Ounces

If your family loves coffee so much, you need a bigger coffee maker like the large Clever Coffee Dipper. This coffee brewer can hold up to 18 ounces of water (smaller model comes in at 11 ounces).

Clever Dripper Coffee Maker, Large, 18 Ounces

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This Clever Dripper is recommended for amateur brewers because it is so easy to use and clean. Most newbies will find this dripper more user-friendly because of its simple design.

The cone dripper has a bottom hole that allows water to flow only when you put the brewed coffee on top of your cup. This way, you can control the length of time of the brew to your liking.


  • Ideal for amateur coffee brewers.
  • Made from BPA-free plastic.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Fits on thermoses/cups with mouth size from 1.5” to 3.75”.


  • Available in BPA-free plastic only.
  • Needs standard filter.


Among these best Clever Coffee Drippers, we find Hario V60 nd Chemex Classic Coffee Dripper as two of the most ideal to own Clever Drippers.

The Hario V60 Clever Coffee Dripper stands out because of its ceramic material which can keep our coffee brew hotter longer. It is truly great having your Java piping hot even after a while that locks the freshness of the coffee.

Meanwhile, the Chemex Classic Clever Dripper is like the pour-over cone of the ‘gods’. It’s also great having it around our kitchen.

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